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2017 VAB hearings will be completed shortly.

By Florida statutes, clients with properties with an active appeal should pay the mininmum taxes due by March 31 or the appeal will be canceled by the VAB.  For important tax collector or property appraiser links, please click on our resources page.

FPTS recommends tax bills be paid in full by the end of November.  If a reduction in the assessed value is achieved, the county will issue a refund of the overpayment.

Business Tangible Personal Property returns (form DR-405) are due on or before April 1.  Please file your returns timely or you may be precluded from appealing the assessments at a later time.


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Are Your Property Taxes Too High?

Florida Property Tax Service has been in the business of reducing real and tangible personal property taxes since 1984, having handled over $4 billion in real estate in Florida last year alone. Our clients include individual property owners, major corporations, small businesses, real estate management companies, developers, and more.

Although the majority of property appraisals result in fair and accurate tax assessments, the truth is that the mass appraisal process is subject to errors. Too often, important factors inherent to individual properties are overlooked, causing overvaluation. This results in property taxes that are unjustifiably high. Florida Property Tax Service is adept at recognizing typical over assessment situations and is able to uncover potential opportunities and strategies for tax savings.

Start Saving Money Now!

A report on Dade County property tax appeals by the New Times revealed that Florida Property Tax Service had the highest percentage of reductions among the top ten firms - an impressive 69%! That is no small feat. But, as one of the oldest independent tax consultants in the state, we have been achieving unbeatable results for our clients since 1984. Let us put this kind of success to work for you!


Check status of appeals on the county web site (Dade only):

Dade County

News & Notes

The Non-Homestead 10% Assessment Cap

The non-homestead cap is similar to the Save Our Homes (SOH) limitation except that for non-homestead properties the cap is established at 10% rather than the 3% for homestead properties. The 10% assessment cap for non-homestead properties does not apply to school levies.

For properties benefiting from a capped assessment, it is important to understand that there are two levels of taxes levied on the ad-valorem portion of the tax bill:

  1. The capped assessed value is the maximum value the assessment may be increased in one tax year and is taxed at the full millage rate.

  2. Portion Exceeding the Cap is the difference between the market value and the capped assessed value and is taxed at the school district rate only.

If a non-homestead cap applies to your assessment, you are already receiving a tax savings benefit and further reductions may be marginal. In these cases, FPTS will continue its efforts to further your tax savings by attempting to reduce the market value.

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